Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beautiful Inside and Out - Senior Photography, Utah

What can I say?  I love this girl.  I only know her from sessions, but you can feel her goodness.

Family Photography - Utah

This mother and I had to agree that it can be very stressful to coordinate clothing and coordinate schedules to make a family picture happen.  But the effort and frustration, is well worth a precious family portrait.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Family Photography - Utah

What a darling family.  Beautiful color palette for an outdoor session.   Thank you for our time together.

Fairy Princess - Children's Photography - Utah

My gorgeous granddaughter.  She’s all girly girl, very sweet and incredibly creative . . . so a fairy session fits her perfectly.  Love you Syd . . . always will . . . Thanks for being my teeny tiny birthday present 12 years ago.  I guess the best things do come in small packages!

Family Photography - Utah

I decided not to show all the groupings I did for them . . . so as to leave some surprises for the family.  I loved the family, and loved that they took the time to capture their children while they are so young.  Images to cherish for a lifetime.

Brand New - Newborn Photography, Utah

Welcome to the world, sweet baby!  You have wonderful parents who will guide and protect and love you.

Beautiful Family - Family Photography, Utah

It was my pleasure to photograph this delightful family.

Another Brother to Love - Newborn Photography, Utah

Darling boys, darling mom.  Thanks for a great session.  This is the kind of thing I love to shoot.

Family Photography - Utah

It was my pleasure to photograph your family.

The Best Things Can Come in BIG Packages, Too! - Family and Children's Photography, Utah

Big families.  I love them.  What a pack of sweet munchkins! 

Home From War - Family and Newborn Photography, Utah

This soldier got to come home for a very short time to be with his wife and children.  Thank you sir for serving, and thank you mom and children for the sacrifice you are making in our behalf.  Support our troops and their families!

Beautiful at 21 - Individual Photography - Utah

She came in for a studio headshot to match her siblings on her mother’s wall.  But, then we just HAD to take her outside for a few.  This is my favorite image of the session.  What a beautiful young woman.

Fun Family Times - Family and Children's Photography, Utah

This family wanted something interactive.  We had so much fun and got so many different fun looks . . . even the dog singing for us!  Thanks for being the highlight of my day.

Family Photography - Utah

Little Lady - Children's Photography, Utah

Big, beautiful blue eyes . . .

Family Photography - Utah

Lasting Love - Couple's Photography, Utah

They’ve worked to keep their love alive and it’s ever strong.

Family Photography - Utah

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Celebrating 13 Years Together - Couples Photography, Utah

It was my privilege to photograph this great couple.

Accomplished! - Senior Photography, Utah

I learned a lot about water polo.  This girl is going places!  Loved my session with her.

Cake Bash - Children's Photography, Utah

Happy birthday, little man!