Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beautiful Innocence

If You Need To Smile

Happy to share these moments with you . . .

Happiness is a Five-Year Old

Little boys are so much fun! I don't ever have to grow old if I keep surrounding myself with these precious children!

Ready for Baptism

This eight-year old was anxious to finish her baptism session so she could have pictures taken with her younger sibling. They were both so tender and loving with each other. Watching them interact was a special experience. The portrait alone of this girl is important, but what better way to show how ready she was to take on the promise to be Christ-like than to capture how she treats her sister.

Before He Changes

Infants should be photographed between 4 days and 12 days old. They change so quickly.

Little Parts

His little piggies, hair on his ears that he will soon loose . . . all the precious baby parts look so cute in a book. Just think how much he will love looking at these pictures with you when he gets a little older.

Welcome Baby

Only five days old


Priceless images of their family and little boys to cherish. They grow up all too fast.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Two Styles

Which do you like best? Relaxed, casual or soft and timeless? I love both and all degrees in between and beyond.